Fire eaters Lesbian Avengers 25

Born more than twenty-five years ago, during another surge of hardcore misogyny, and anti-gay, white Nationalist hate...

the Lesbian Avengers kicked off with a daring action supporting a multicultural curriculum, and encouraging elementary school children to "Ask about Lesbian Lives."

This simple, but taboo-busting gesture launched an extraordinary movement that spoke to lesbians everywhere. Their most visible legacy is the Dyke March, still organized in cities across the globe.

Our goal, as a project documenting the Avengers, is to celebrate Avenger accomplishments, and to encourage new activists to go forth and wreak havoc for the sake of dyke lives.

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Fire eaters Lesbian Avengers 25 Now available! The Lesbian Avengers 25 Mobile Exhibit 1.0.
We did it, and we'll do it again


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